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Providing high quality candidates, for your difficult to fill openings

We offer a personalized service to each hiring manager, and take the time to understand your specific needs and how your company operates.  
Why Us?

Instead of introducing resumes in bulk and hoping you'll select one, we thoroughly screen each candidate to ensure it’s someone that meets your technical qualifications. Each resume we provide will include detailed notes with vital information beyond just a candidate’s skill set.

As a small organization, we gain the advantage of having the same recruiters communicate with you, who will additionally be sourcing and speaking to each candidate. We also provide employers with critical insights and current data on market developments to help you maintain your competitive edge. We believe it's essential for you to know which companies are hiring similar engineers, what experiences they are seeking, rate of pay, and much more.

bio med recruitment for bio tech
bio med recruitment for bio tech companies in california
Key Advantages

We stick to our area of expertise, which is hiring engineers for Biotech and Medical Device companies. By specializing, we fully understand each professional’s qualifications, enabling us to select the highest quality candidates. Additionally, our focus allows us to build a strong network of engineers that niche in specific fields.

BioMed Recruitment is selective about which positions we support, and we limit our engagements to provide focused attention to each hiring manager.  We want to ensure that you get exceptional candidates when you need them. We’re honest with our partners about our knowledge and experience regarding your field, and we will provide you with a reasonable timeframe on how quickly we can send you resumes.

True specialists in the intersection between technology and healthcare

California Locals

Our Founder and President, Ian, grew up and currently resides in San Diego. He also lived in the Bay Area for several years and is very familiar with what each city offers. He has a great understanding of whether or not a candidate’s commute is realistic, and he has the ability to speak knowledgeably to those relocating about the lifestyle in each area. Most importantly, our team values meeting employers and candidates face to face. The benefit of an in-person visit to each office/lab allows us to better describe the work environment to those who interview.

bio med recruitment for bio tech companies in california
bio med recruitment for bio tech companies in california
How We Operate

Full cycle recruitment: We source, prescreen, facilitate interviews, present offers, onboard candidates, and much more.

Direct hires only: We feel this is less transactional than the contract side of recruitment. We want to introduce you to candidates that will grow within your company and positively impact the success of your organization.

Contingent basis: You only pay when you hire someone and confirm that they're performing well. We offer industry-leading guarantee periods, as we stand behind our candidate’s quality.

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